Friday, May 31, 2013

Get Plant-Powered!

Changing your diet to heavily plant-based will transform your life. I've witnessed the success stories over and over. I mean, it's undeniable the power of fruits and vegetables. Cutting your reliance on animals for your caloric and nutritional needs will immediately give you more energy, help you lose weight, and keep your health in tip top shape. Plant-based isn't just about avoiding meat and dairy but also processed foods which have the same degree of damage to our bodies and actually may even cause more damage. You have to take control of your kitchen (and your shopping cart).

The change doesn't have to be dramatic. It took me 2 years to eliminate all the dairy, meat, fish and eggs from my diet. I was skeptical at first. I mean, you need animal protein, right? It has been apart of my life since birth. I was bottle fed (where was my boob, mom?!) then fed the Gerber chicken dinners and raised to think you needed to drink milk as much as possible and had meat at every dinner. Socially, eating bad is the norm. Breaking from that norm takes a huge amount of confidence and belief that the plant-based way was better, healthier, and gentler on our world.

I get challenged quite a bit about diet. I don't know why people feel threatened by a nonthreatening diet but it probably has to do with the fact that they know they don't feel 100% and that going plant-based would mean giving up their mama's lasagna. They are praying that getting healthy doesn't mean fruits and vegetables but fruits and vegetable can be wonderfully, sinfully delicious.You have to separate emotion from food. Food is supposed to provide us energy...that's it. The problem with the standard American diet is that it is draining us of energy. It's debilitating. 99% of disease is diet related. People are na├»ve. Heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, cancer – yep, that's the diet, a poor diet.

The idea is to start to change your diet before the bad happens and it will happen. The idea is not to be vegan or fruitarian or juice fast for 90 days; it is about making the small changes everyday that will slowly equate to big changes over time. What's your daily breakfast? A cup of coffee and bagel? Well, maybe it's time to hop over to Jamba Juice and try a raw orange carrot juice and wait to pour on the grains and caffeine until a bit later in the day. Will you feel better instantaneously? I think so but some people don't. Their bodies need to adjust dependency. Depending on fruits for energy is amazing! I want to keep this section of my blog dedicated to motivating you to keep on striving for a plant-based life. I want to motivate and educate and keep sharing stories of how you can take back your health and future. Just being conscience of what your eating is a huge start. Take the first step then commit to keeping the forward progress. If you slip up, DO NOT let that be an excuse to spiral out of control. Except it as a lifestyle change. Let's get Plant-powered!!!